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Property buyers eye fast internet

26 April 2017

Fibre-optic internet connectivity, with its lightning fast speed and reliability, is the new technological hype in the country, and is also becoming an expectation of property buyers. Such is the demand - among business people, students, and even just families - most new property developments are...

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Purchasing a rented property

26 April 2017

You have been looking for the ideal property to purchase for months and finally find it, but there is a catch, there is a tenant who is currently renting the property. What now? Adrian Goslett of RE/MAX says that because the lease agreement is legally binding and was in place before, it stands - ...

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Selecting a commercial investment property

25 April 2017

Selecting a specific asset class in which to invest can be an overwhelming task for a new or first-time commercial property investor. Selecting a commercial investment property Breaking down the decision into its simplest components and assessing the options from an educated vantage point is the...

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Do you know what your property is worth?

24 April 2017

It's a great irony in the property business: having bought a dream home, and invested more in it than in any other asset we own, more than any asset we're ever likely to own, we don't really know our property's value. Do you know what your property is worth? Often, we don't realise this. After a...

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